Use Facebook to Amp Up Your Job Search

Posted by Pat Tovo

amp up your job searchSocial media isn’t just for cat videos or sharing photos from your vacation. It can actually be an effective tool to supplement your job search. LinkedIn is what most of us immediately think of for job search and our career, but Facebook can also be used successfully as a networking platform.

Employment research indicates that about 50% of job seekers take advantage of the opportunity – and I’m willing to bet that savvy cyber security job seekers are a significant part of that percentage.

Consider these tips for using Facebook to amp up your job search.

Revise Your Profile

Start with the basics. Your profile should succinctly outline your professional and educational background. Remove any information that does not shine a light on your information security experience.

Concentrate your efforts in the Intro section. If you set your profile to be Private, this is the information that will be readily available to visitors who are not your Friends. Recruiters and hiring managers may review the social media accounts of candidates they are considering. A professional, current intro profile should be a targeted snapshot of your credentials for hiring managers to examine at a glance. First impressions are important!

Don’t forget to highlight your skills, accomplishments, certifications and relevant experience. A short statement of your relevant key skills is an excellent way to enhance your profile.

Target a Specific Audience

Sometimes the best opportunities are right in front of us and we can’t see the forest for the trees. Review your list of Friends and identify those who are suitable as a professional network. Use those contacts you’ve identified to create a segmented list. You can then use this new list to share posts that are professionally targeted.

State your job goals and what opportunities you’d like to explore. Share articles that are specific to information security. Ask for professional opinions — people are always pretty quick to offer advice and direction. Make the effort to join in other conversations. Keep your objectives front and center in your posts. Don’t be shy about reminding this new network that all leads are appreciated.

Even though you’re presenting a polished professional appearance to your segmented list, that doesn’t give you free reign to go crazy on your personal page. You don’t want them seeing you drinking from a beer bong at last week’s party. Nothing is private on Facebook.

Follow Companies of Interest

Be sure you’ve Liked the Facebook page of those companies you want to work for. Make the time and do it now.

Start with those employers who are on the top of your wish list and then do research on other companies that are recruiting cyber security professionals. Following a company offers terrific insight into the culture of the organization. It also gives you a wealth of background information on their business efforts that will be mighty useful when you get that coveted interview.

Many businesses also post job openings on Facebook and you may even learn the names of key personnel that will be useful networking contacts.

Join Industry Groups

You name it and there will be a group on Facebook. A quick search will locate a bunch of industry specific groups and other business professionals that share your interests. You’ll find a captive audience of potential networking connections right at your fingertips.

Visit these group pages often and be sure to join in appropriate discussions. Don’t post haphazardly – be professional highlighting your business savvy and personal knowledge. Keep your eye open for job postings and don’t be shy about stepping up your conversations with solid industry connections.

Search Like a Recruiter

Intelligence Search is a Chrome browser search tool for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This multi-tasking tool lets you search like a recruiter to find industry insiders and those who can help you in your job search. Multiple filters allow you to find contacts by job title, geography, company, group memberships, etc.

Use this tool to find and make networking connections to help both in your job search and your career.

There are many, many ways to use social media for your job search. Share your favorites with us so others can learn from what you’ve already discovered!

Pat Tovo guides job seekers in conducting successful employment searches through targeted prospecting, effective resume writing, and polished interviewing skills.  She enjoys facilitating workshops and working one-on-one in career counseling.

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