Top Strategies for Cyber Job Fair Success

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Wicys career fairJob fairs – and career fairs – are a terrific opportunity for students and cyber security professionals to meet recruiters from top employers. These events give job seekers access to key contacts all in one room.

To make the most of these opportunities you need to plan ahead and put some strategies into place to create the best possible impression. Whether you are currently seeking a job or scoping out future possibilities, your goal should be to put your best foot forward and network with as many people as possible.

Follow these strategic ideas for job fair success.

Be sure to pre-register

Most career events encourage attendees to pre-register which typically allows you to submit a resume. Submitting your resume in advance gives recruiters the chance to pre-screen candidates and make note of those they hope to meet at the fair. It’s hard to think of a good reason why attendees would not take advantage of this opportunity. Get your foot in the door!

Research the employers that will be in attendance

Do your homework. If you are going to be in the same room with hiring companies wouldn’t you like to know at least a little about them? Research their company mission, the types of positions they are recruiting, company culture, etc. From that basic research you can target the companies that most interest you and dig deeper into their organization. This is your best chance to get a strong start by making a solid impression. Take the time to make yourself stand out in the crowd. Ask questions; be prepared to have a meaningful conversation.

Bring multiple copies of your resume

Have at least two copies of your resume for every company you hope to meet with and then throw in at least ten extra. Have a nice attaché or brief case to keep the resumes clean and crisp. Check out these tips on crafting the best resume before the event. Those extra resumes you bring along should come in handy while you’re networking with other fair attendees. You never know who may prove to be a valuable contact.

Dress for success

Professional attire is expected for job fairs. You don’t have to come in a 3-piece suit or a slick dress with high heels, but you should look polished, neat and career-minded. Creating a good first impression is vital.

Be sure to introduce yourself

A job fair is not the time to be shy. When you approach an employer’s table, extend your hand, look the representative in the eye, smile and introduce yourself. Have a resume ready to hand to the recruiter and be prepared to talk about your experience and career goals. It would be smart to develop an elevator speech to use for moments like this, and throughout your job search and career.

Be prepared for an interview

If you have submitted your resume in advance or if the recruiter has interest in your skills, be prepared for an on-the-spot interview. The recruiter won’t have lots of time to spend with you and that’s why it is all the more important to make the most of the situation. A common first questions is, “Why are you here today?” or “What are your career goals?”  But you never know what might be asked, so tell your success stories with confidence. If the company is an organization where you really want to work, ask what you need to do to get a formal interview.

Ask for a business card

You will be meeting many people and all the names/companies are going to get jumbled in your head. Ask for a business card from the person you speak with. After you walk away, make some notes on the back of the card regarding impressions and what was discussed. Be sure to follow up with the recruiter after the event. Thank them for their time and reiterate your interest and career goals.

Network, network, network

In this case, network is a verb. You want to move through the event with confidence and talk with attendees as well as recruiters. One of your goals should be to make as many connections as possible, so take names and make notes. Follow up with everyone after the event and offer to help other job seekers in any way you can. Networking is as much about helping others as it is asking for consideration.

Cyber security is a dynamic industry and you need to display that you are a vibrant potential employee. Use these strategic tips to make the most of your job fair experience.


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