The 10 Most Read Articles of 2018

Posted by Ashley Preuss

We’ve officially welcomed the arrival of the New Year, but before we close the chapter on 2018 and turn a new page, we’re taking a moment to reflect and reminisce on your most read articles from last year. If you missed them the first time around, we’ve got you covered—or maybe you saved the best for last and it’ll be like bingeing a season of your favorite show. Regardless, enjoy!

10. Hands-On or Performance-Based Certifications vs Skills-Based Certifications

Are you setting yourself up for success? If you have limited or no relevant cyber security work experience, hiring managers have a bias for hands-on or performance-based certifications. Move your career in the right direction with certifications that tell hiring managers you have the needed skills to get the job done.

9. Volunteerism Offers Many Benefits

Spending just a few hours a month volunteering in the cyber security community has been shown to offer substantial benefits—even finding a new job. In a recent survey we looked at community volunteering efforts, employer support of volunteering, and how volunteering contributes to the development of professional skills.

8. You Must Ask Good Interview Questions

You’ve made it to the interview stage where yourself and most other candidates are qualified, now it’s time to stand out by asking thoughtful and insightful questions. Take the opportunity to gauge if the position will be a good fit, while also indicating to the hiring manager that you have a true interest in moving forward.

7. Start Your Professional Development Now

Do you make it a priority to continually polish your skills and stay up-to-date in your field? Impress potential employers and set yourself apart from the crowd with your commitment to being the best you can be.

6. Five Resume Errors – Solved

More resume tips?! It’s true, the community is flooded with tips for crafting the perfect resume, some are redundant and others share opposing ideas of what’s right. In this article, Patra Frame shares her best resume advice, spanning the most common problems she encounters, without chasing every fad.

5. Three Steps to Networking Effectively

Networking is often focused on when you’re in job search mode, but it is a valuable long-term professional development tool. Building your network takes time but if you embrace the value of networking, the effort you put in will be rewarded for years to come.

4. Initial Phone Interviews

If the in-depth discussions of your experience and qualifications are saved for the second interview, what’s the point of a phone interview? Bill Branstetter shares that as a recruiter and hiring manager, he has one question: Why does my job make sense for you?

3. Attract Recruiters Attention with These Resume Writing Tips

IBM recruiter, Kari Moore, shares her tips on how to create an effective resume. Put a smile on the faces of your prospective recruiters and hiring managers by formatting your resume in a way that allows them to easily scan and identify your qualifications.

2. Top Strategies for Cyber Job Fair Success

Job fairs are an incredible opportunity to gain access to key contacts all in one room. Make the most of the next job fair you attend with these strategies that help you put your best foot forward and as always, network, network, network!

1. Don’t Make These Interviewing Mistakes

We all know to arrive on time and silence our phones during interviews but there are other mistakes you might not have noticed you’re making, like not asking questions. It was hard work getting to the interview—don’t let these mishaps stop you from clearing the finish line and starting your new job.

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