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  • Celebrating and Supporting Women in Technology

    With a mission to support education, career development and job search,’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kathleen Smith, strives to make a difference for women in technology. In recognition of her contributions to the community, Kathleen received the Ally Recrui… more

  • Joining the Ranks: Women in Cyber Security

    The cyber security industry is filled with countless employment opportunities, but it lacks diversity when it comes to an equal representation of women in its workforce. If you’re a woman just starting out in security or you’re considering making the move, know that you… more

  • Persevere and Rise: 3 Strategies for Women in Tech

    At the Women in Tech Conference, “On The Rise,” members of the tech community in San Antonio came together to discuss the obstacles and opportunities that women encounter in the profession. Thank you to Accenture, HERdacity, and RBFCU for providing an environment to discuss s… more