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  • Volunteer in the Security Community to Benefit Your Career

    Professional development and career growth are vital to individuals working in any industry. But how can you successfully acquire new skills and continue to grow as a professional in the security realm? If you look at conferences, meetups, and various programs in the cyber s… more

  • Recruiters: Commit to the Community in the New Year

    With 2020 just beginning, many of us are looking to improve some part of our life or commit to something important in the New Year. Many will opt to eat healthier, exercise, and save money, but there is something else you can do for your own personal fulfillment and your pro… more

  • How to Justify Volunteering in the Community to Your Employer

    Do you actively engage in your professional community to network, gain experiences, and develop your ever-expanding skill set? If you’ve volunteered in the cyber security community, you’ve likely enjoyed the benefits that community involvement offers. But does your emplo… more

  • How to Expand Your Network

    Everyone talks about the value of networking and calling upon your contacts to aid your job search. But what if you haven’t built a network yet, or you failed to stay in touch with past connections? With a variety of networking opportunities available to you, it’s never … more

  • Career Networking: Are You Ready for Hacker Summer Camp?

    With summer in full force, it’s time for the security community to take over Las Vegas, as we travel from different sides of the country to gather for Hacker Summer Camp. Join your fellow information security professionals and hackers the first two weeks of August for Blac… more

  • How to Combat the Challenges of Volunteering

    Community volunteerism is a powerful career development tool offering opportunities to develop your skillset, expand your network, and provide personal fulfillment. While volunteering in your professional community is very rewarding, it can also be demanding. In informati… more

  • Unleash Your Professional Potential with Presenting

    Through my community involvement, I’ve noticed a trend that information security professionals are giving of their time, but they’re not typically looking at this through a career development lens. Presenting at conferences or other professional gatherings is a prime exa… more

  • Recruiting: Volunteerism Is a Triple Win for Your Investment

    We’ve talked a lot about volunteering in the community and its benefits to developing skills for candidates, but what does this do for recruitment—specifically, recruiters who participate? Community volunteering offers opportunities for building a pipeline, understanding your… more

  • Cyber Security Roundup: Emergency Directive 19-01, Kathleen Smith Discusses Career Benefits of Volunteering, and More

    Our cyber security roundup is brought to you each week by our friends at The CyberWire. The CyberWire Podcasts are their daily view on what’s happening in cyberspace. Each day’s podcast has a quick news summary as well as commentary from industry experts and The CyberWire’… more

  • Get the Best Talent by Giving Back to the Community

    While today’s workforce consistently juggles demanding schedules of work and personal obligations, many dedicate additional time to volunteering in their professional communities. You’ll find that many conferences and programs in the cyber security community are completely vo… more