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  • 3 Ways to Leverage Your Communications Channels to Support Recruitment

    It’s tempting to push pause on candidate engagement and communication efforts when facing uncertainty. Things are still changing on a weekly or even daily basis for many of us, as we continue to adjust to life in the midst of a pandemic. And with so much up in the air, itâ… more

  • How to Leverage LinkedIn and Social Networks

    Our top tips to effectively use social networking for job search and career development. 1. Selecting Social Networks LinkedIn is not a silver bullet, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re searching for a job, know that not all recruiters use Lin… more

  • How to Expand Your Network

    Everyone talks about the value of networking and calling upon your contacts to aid your job search. But what if you haven’t built a network yet, or you failed to stay in touch with past connections? With a variety of networking opportunities available to you, it’s never … more

  • Managing Your Digital Footprint in the Social Media Age

    Long gone are the days when we had a blank slate meeting new people. With the proliferation of social media and online communication tools, our personal brand often arrives before us, forming impressions based off of our digital footprint. While this can bring an added burde… more

  • Should Resumes Be Killed

    Throughout history the resume has transformed from a record you handed to an interviewer after you met with them to a barrier to entry into getting a job. Maybe that is why so much innovation happened during those times, we were judging people based on conversations we had rather… more

  • Getting Hired in an Age of Social Media: A Musical Revue

    I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me Every day social media becomes more embedded into our daily lives. People share food, jokes, political views, memes; pretty much every moment of our lives are shared online. So, what does that mean when our social media life crosses … more