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  • The Top Programming Languages Employers Want From You

    Having the right skillset is a tried and true key to success for any career. And as technology evolves and new skills become in-demand by employers, savvy professionals make it a point to continue learning to stay abreast of what’s relevant. While many developers are game … more

  • Make It to the Finish Line with 3 Changes to Your Resume

    I spent some time reviewing resumes at CircleCityCon to help conference participants with their job search. While some were looking for new opportunities, others were simply curious to find out more about the review process. However, regardless of their current employment st… more

  • Seven Job Fair Myths

    We’ve been producing job fairs for over ten years. During that time we’ve seen several poor job search strategies or concepts embraced by job seekers. So we're here to set the record straight about some of the most common misconceptions that job seekers have about job fairs: … more