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  • Celebrating and Supporting Women in Technology

    With a mission to support education, career development and job search,’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kathleen Smith, strives to make a difference for women in technology. In recognition of her contributions to the community, Kathleen received the Ally Recrui… more

  • Recruiters: Commit to the Community in the New Year

    With 2020 just beginning, many of us are looking to improve some part of our life or commit to something important in the New Year. Many will opt to eat healthier, exercise, and save money, but there is something else you can do for your own personal fulfillment and your pro… more

  • How a Recruiter Views Volunteering

    We recently surveyed security community volunteers to discover what career skills they developed through volunteering, and whether their employers supported them in their efforts. Community volunteering is often seen as a way to build technical and non-technical skills, but mor… more