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  • The 10 Most Read Articles of 2019

    The two thousand tens are coming to an end, but before we ring in a new decade, let’s take ten - ten recaps on the most read articles from 2019. If you missed them the first time around, now is your chance to get up to speed and fine-tune your cyber security job search for… more

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  • Make It to the Finish Line with 3 Changes to Your Resume

    I spent some time reviewing resumes at CircleCityCon to help conference participants with their job search. While some were looking for new opportunities, others were simply curious to find out more about the review process. However, regardless of their current employment st… more

  • How to Write Your Most Effective Resume

    Our list of 9 things you must do to write a cyber security resume that sells you. Your resume is an advertisement, not your biography. The goal of your resume is to get a hiring manager or recruiter to contact you for an interview. It should only include details that are … more

  • 5 Resume Errors – Solved

    When you are in cyber security job search mode, it may seem every article and each recruiter takes a different slant on what goes where on a resume. Some of that is the impact of company culture on internal recruiters and speed demands on external recruiters. Authors need to writ… more

  • BSides NOVA Job Search Tips

    At the recent BSides NOVA, a panel of recruiting professionals conducted a roundtable discussion on recruiting for cyber positions. Tops tips are below, and you can watch the full video here. Resume Do’s and Don’ts Skills and certifications should be listed in a strai… more

  • 2018 WiCyS Sponsors’ Resume Tips

    CyberSecJobs.Com is proud to partner with the Women in Cyber Security Conference which will be held in Chicago, IL on March 23-24. Along with a myriad of inspiring speakers, several exciting workshops will take place at this year’s conference including: Threat Intelligence: … more

  • What You Read on CyberSecJobs in 2017

    Yikes!  It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by. A lot has happened both in the world and here on the website. We’re pleased that our articles are well received and we wanted to recap the most popular postings from 2017. If you didn’t get the ch… more

  • Knowing the Right Code for Your Resume

    Great quick tips from a roundtable discussion at BSides San Antonio with hiring manager Brett Pagel of Raytheon, HR Manager Irma Symons of IPSecure, and Managing Director Bill Branstetter of ASG. Moderated by Kathleen Smith of ClearedJobs.Net / Every recrui… more

  • Always Tailor Your Resume When You Apply

    You crafted your resume, fine-tuned it, spellchecked it and are ready to hit send, confident the job is yours. STOP! If you haven’t tailored it for the specific job for which you’re applying you might as well hit delete instead of send. Recruiters spend an average of si… more