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  • 15 Major Companies Adopt New Recruiting Strategy

    Exciting changes are currently taking place in the recruitment space, as 15 major employers commit to build a stronger cyber security workforce pipeline. This new effort spearheaded by the Aspen Cybersecurity Group looks to address our nation’s shortage of needed cyber sec… more

  • Improving Recruiting: How to Write Better Job Postings

    Let’s be honest. We know our job postings probably aren’t what they should be, or could be if we took more time with them. When we hastily copy and paste, they’re typically dull, lifeless, and don’t meet their full potential. But why is this so often the case? They d… more

  • Why You Need to Work with Recruiters in Your Job Search

    I’ve noticed there tends to be angst towards recruiters within the security community, but we can’t treat all recruiting and HR folks the same. That’s like saying all information security professionals are male hackers who wear black hoodies. It’s not representative … more

  • BSides SATX, Tips on Working with Recruiters

    The following questions and answers were shared at a BSides San Antonio discussion moderated by Kathleen Smith with ClearedJobs.Net. The participating recruiting professionals included Irma Symons HR manager for IPSecure, Bill Bransletter Recruiting Manager with ASG, and KJ Howel… more

  • Strategy for Recruiting Passive Candidates

    You don’t need to be a 20-year industry veteran to know that recruiting passive cyber security candidates will need a completely fresh strategy that’s different from the tactics you employ to source active applicants. Likewise you realize that passive cyber security candid… more

  • How to Attract Millennials and Gen Z

    Around 50% of the population today is comprised of Millennials and Gen Z which means attracting these groups for open cyber security jobs at your company is now more of a requirement than ever before. The Millenials and Zs are a vast and commanding group with a new outlook on tod… more

  • Recruiters, Agency and Corporate

    It’s good to know who it is who is reaching out to you. Do you know the difference between an agency recruiter and a corporate recruiter? There are many different types of recruiters, and it will help your job search if you know the difference. An agency recruiter acts as… more

  • Recruiting for Cyber Security: A Tough Job That’s Not Getting Easier

    Recruiting is a tricky process. Keeping up with the demands of a successful business leaves recruiters with a full plate and finding the right fit for the culture adds to the challenge. When it comes to filling cleared cyber security positions you can magnify the challenges by, w… more

  • Cyber Security Resume Tips from the Pirates

    At BSidesTampa, and ClearedJobs.Net  produced the Career Track to help attendees gain valuable tips to aid them in their information security job search. We frequently hear about the skills shortage in the cyber security industry, yet many skilled infosec profes… more