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  • The Top Programming Languages Employers Want From You

    Having the right skillset is a tried and true key to success for any career. And as technology evolves and new skills become in-demand by employers, savvy professionals make it a point to continue learning to stay abreast of what’s relevant. While many developers are game … more

  • Volunteer in the Security Community to Benefit Your Career

    Professional development and career growth are vital to individuals working in any industry. But how can you successfully acquire new skills and continue to grow as a professional in the security realm? If you look at conferences, meetups, and various programs in the cyber s… more

  • How to Justify Volunteering in the Community to Your Employer

    Do you actively engage in your professional community to network, gain experiences, and develop your ever-expanding skill set? If you’ve volunteered in the cyber security community, you’ve likely enjoyed the benefits that community involvement offers. But does your emplo… more

  • Recruiting: Volunteerism Is a Triple Win for Your Investment

    We’ve talked a lot about volunteering in the community and its benefits to developing skills for candidates, but what does this do for recruitment—specifically, recruiters who participate? Community volunteering offers opportunities for building a pipeline, understanding your… more

  • Start Your Professional Development Now

    If you want to impress potential infosec employers, it’s important to stay current in your field and continue to show you have the motivation to advance in your career. Make it a priority to stay up-to-date and work on polishing your skills. This work shows that you’re unwave… more

  • LinkedIn Boosts Your Visibility – Make Sure It’s The Right Type

    You’ve probably been hearing for years that LinkedIn is an effective networking tool. If you followed that advice and added a LinkedIn profile, you’re probably expecting recruiters, hiring managers or other professionals to be knocking on your door. But for some reason, yo… more