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  • Social Networking in a Time of Social Distancing

    In the midst of fear, uncertainty, and economic turns, you may be tempted to push pause on your job search and networking efforts. But instead of fixating on the unknown and allowing doubt to stop you in your tracks, make the most of your situation and push forward. One of t… more

  • How to Leverage LinkedIn and Social Networks

    Our top tips to effectively use social networking for job search and career development. 1. Selecting Social Networks LinkedIn is not a silver bullet, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re searching for a job, know that not all recruiters use Lin… more

  • Managing Your Digital Footprint in the Social Media Age

    Long gone are the days when we had a blank slate meeting new people. With the proliferation of social media and online communication tools, our personal brand often arrives before us, forming impressions based off of our digital footprint. While this can bring an added burde… more

  • Establishing a More Secure Networking Experience on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a terrific networking tool. Its primary usage is for professionals to build a network with other professionals and to develop business associations. While it is a form of social media, it shouldn't be used as a socializing tool like Facebook or Instagram. Your presenc… more

  • LinkedIn Boosts Your Visibility – Make Sure It’s The Right Type

    You’ve probably been hearing for years that LinkedIn is an effective networking tool. If you followed that advice and added a LinkedIn profile, you’re probably expecting recruiters, hiring managers or other professionals to be knocking on your door. But for some reason, yo… more

  • Getting Your First References

    When you were in high school and applied for part-time work, you could list your neighbor, your friend’s mom and other casual acquaintances as the references for your part-time jobs. But once you’re a college graduate applying for professional jobs, you know those referenc… more