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  • How to Expand Your Network

    Everyone talks about the value of networking and calling upon your contacts to aid your job search. But what if you haven’t built a network yet, or you failed to stay in touch with past connections? With a variety of networking opportunities available to you, it’s never … more

  • What to Wear to a Job Fair or Interview

    There were many applicants for one low-level job for which I was hiring. The parade of applicants all seemed to blur together until one fellow arrived wearing a three-piece suit, polished shoes and a professional attitude. He got the job. Yes, business casual or even just c… more

  • What You Read on CyberSecJobs in 2017

    Yikes!  It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by. A lot has happened both in the world and here on the website. We’re pleased that our articles are well received and we wanted to recap the most popular postings from 2017. If you didn’t get the ch… more

  • The Force is Strong with You: Employers Maximize Job Fair Success

    We all know it, and we've all probably said it. To make a job fair successful, job seekers need to do their homework and prepare ahead of time.  But to be fair, good employers need to understand that this advice goes both ways. And in honor of #Maythe4th, we want to make sure th… more