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  • Maximize Your Virtual Cyber Job Fair Experience

    Our top tips to help you work a virtual cyber security job fair like a pro. Virtual job fairs are a valuable tool in your cyber security job search, offering the ability to interact with multiple employers from the comfort of your home or location of your choice. Read the… more

  • Best Practices for Recruiting at a Virtual Job Fair

    Virtual job fairs are a great supplement to your talent acquisition efforts, offering the ability to connect with countless prospects without physical limitations. No need to worry about travel arrangements, traffic, or social distancing protocol—simply log in and chat wit… more

  • Meet CISA at CyberMaryland

    At the mention of CISA, you might first think of the certification listed in job postings that require audit, control, and security skills. However, this acronym represents more than a job seeker’s proficiency in their profession. CISA also stands for the Cybersecurity and… more

  • Tips for a Successful Job Fair

    Our top tips to help you work a job fair like a pro. Cyber security employers spend significant time and money to come to job fairs because they’re looking for tech talent to meet their hiring needs. Want to be one of the attendees to really grab their attention and ma… more

  • Top Strategies for Cyber Job Fair Success

    Job fairs – and career fairs – are a terrific opportunity for students and cyber security professionals to meet recruiters from top employers. These events give job seekers access to key contacts all in one room. To make the most of these opportunities you need to plan ahe… more

  • Cyber Job Fair Success

    Want to succeed at a cyber job fair? Follow the rules. You may be a tech hotshot, carving new paths in school or at your current job but employers at job fairs have screened, hired and likely even fired, a glut of hotter shots than you. And if you don’t plan for the fa… more

  • Seven Job Fair Myths

    We’ve been producing job fairs for over ten years. During that time we’ve seen several poor job search strategies or concepts embraced by job seekers. So we're here to set the record straight about some of the most common misconceptions that job seekers have about job fairs: … more