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  • How to Look Your Professional Best in a Video Interview

    The past few months have brought sweeping changes to our daily routines in both our personal and professional lives. As employers and job seekers adapt to the new norm, video interviewing is becoming a standard step that can be expected in the recruitment process. With haird… more

  • How to Succeed in a Video Interview

    With stay at home orders and social distancing protocols in effect, many employers are opting for video interviews to keep the hiring process on track. If video conferencing is foreign to you, rest assured that many of the same things you’d do in person translate to the vi… more

  • 3 Keys to Be a Better Interviewer

    Conducting successful interviews is a crucial element to recruitment. From scheduling all involved parties to selecting the right questions to ask, there’s a lot of ground to cover to adequately prepare. But there are a few fundamentals we sometimes forget when interviews … more

  • The 10 Most Read Articles of 2018

    We’ve officially welcomed the arrival of the New Year, but before we close the chapter on 2018 and turn a new page, we’re taking a moment to reflect and reminisce on your most read articles from last year. If you missed them the first time around, we’ve got you covered—or… more

  • How to Get a Cyber Security Job with No Direct Experience

    A few times per year, I have the privilege of working with the team at to host world-class career fairs for some of the top companies in the cyber security industry. My role is to provide resume coaching and career advice to the hundreds of job seekers who come t… more

  • Interview Prep Questions

    A job interview is one of your best opportunities to determine if the position and the company are a good fit.  A hiring manager will be making this assessment and you should be, too.  The interview isn't a one-way street – it's a dialog between two professionals.  As a job … more

  • How a Recruiter Views Volunteering

    We recently surveyed security community volunteers to discover what career skills they developed through volunteering, and whether their employers supported them in their efforts. Community volunteering is often seen as a way to build technical and non-technical skills, but mor… more

  • How to Turn Down a Job Offer

    Searching for a job can be a complex and emotional process. It takes due diligence, concentrated effort and a strong spirit. When a job offers does come along you shouldn’t abandon rational thought and randomly grab it. This is the time when your research skills need to kick in… more

  • You Must Ask Good Interview Questions

    Job search protocol is shifting and as an interviewee part of your mission is to ask good questions of the potential employer. You need to be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity to gauge if the position and the company will be a good fit. Insightful questions not only … more

  • Interview Errors

    Conducting a job search can be a grueling process to find the employer that best suits your career goals, your salary...and your commute. You spend a lot of time researching opportunities, attending job fairs and networking. While looking for a job does deserve deep concentrat… more