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  • Tips to Navigate Veteran Job Search in the Civilian World

    Information Security Executive and Veteran Nikk Gilbert shares insights with veteran job seekers to help guide their career transition into the civilian world. Navigating Job Search as a Veteran Every organization looks for a different cultural fit. This is something to con… more

  • Job Search Questions and Answers from Cyber Security Recruiters and Hiring Managers

    A discussion at BSides LV with Matt Duren, Recruiting Manager at Tenable, Abby Mauch, Senior Recruiter at ReliaQuest, Jen Haverman, Client Relationship Executive at Deloitte, and Jose Leon, Human Resources Director at Honeywell. How do you take ownership of your career? (Jo… more

  • Build Your Network Before You Need It

    When someone mentions networking, it conjures images of stilted conversations at professional cocktail parties. Forced smiles. Swapping business cards. There is absolutely nothing wrong with attending networking events. You should, in fact, because they can be really helpful i… more