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  • Making Your Way From Software Engineering to Cyber Security

    Info Security Engineer, Margaret White, shared her career path from software engineering to cyber security and gives insight to those wondering what to do next in their careers in a presentation at BSidesLV. She discussed how to connect the dots for yourself, how to draw upon you… more

  • Build Your Network Before You Need It

    When someone mentions networking, it conjures images of stilted conversations at professional cocktail parties. Forced smiles. Swapping business cards. There is absolutely nothing wrong with attending networking events. You should, in fact, because they can be really helpful i… more

  • Build Your Professional Network with BSides

    Last month I attended my first BSides conference for Cyber Security Professionals in Augusta, Georgia. The experience was, to say the least, very enlightening. For a job seeker in the information security industry, attending can be a smart career move too. First of all it wasn… more

  • National Cyber Security Awareness Month

    No matter where you look, you will hear something about cyber security.  Hackers, ransomware, threats, intrusions, malware – no industry or sector is completely secure. To top this all off, finding the talent to protect, detect and mitigate breaches and attacks is getting hard… more