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  • 15 Major Companies Adopt New Recruiting Strategy

    Exciting changes are currently taking place in the recruitment space, as 15 major employers commit to build a stronger cyber security workforce pipeline. This new effort spearheaded by the Aspen Cybersecurity Group looks to address our nation’s shortage of needed cyber sec… more

  • Meet CISA at CyberMaryland

    At the mention of CISA, you might first think of the certification listed in job postings that require audit, control, and security skills. However, this acronym represents more than a job seeker’s proficiency in their profession. CISA also stands for the Cybersecurity and… more

  • How to Justify Volunteering in the Community to Your Employer

    Do you actively engage in your professional community to network, gain experiences, and develop your ever-expanding skill set? If you’ve volunteered in the cyber security community, you’ve likely enjoyed the benefits that community involvement offers. But does your emplo… more

  • Joining the Ranks: Women in Cyber Security

    The cyber security industry is filled with countless employment opportunities, but it lacks diversity when it comes to an equal representation of women in its workforce. If you’re a woman just starting out in security or you’re considering making the move, know that you… more

  • A Certifications Conversation with the Community: Yes, No…Idk?

    Do you really need certifications to be successful in cyber security? In a post on LinkedIn, Joyous Huggins, Lead Technical Analyst at Global InfoTek, asked members of the community to share their point of view on this highly contemplated question. As you might imagine, resp… more

  • Making Your Way From Software Engineering to Cyber Security

    Info Security Engineer, Margaret White, shared her career path from software engineering to cyber security and gives insight to those wondering what to do next in their careers in a presentation at BSidesLV. She discussed how to connect the dots for yourself, how to draw upon you… more

  • Cyber Security Roundup: Emergency Directive 19-01, Kathleen Smith Discusses Career Benefits of Volunteering, and More

    Our cyber security roundup is brought to you each week by our friends at The CyberWire. The CyberWire Podcasts are their daily view on what’s happening in cyberspace. Each day’s podcast has a quick news summary as well as commentary from industry experts and The CyberWire’… more

  • How to Get a Cyber Security Job with No Direct Experience

    A few times per year, I have the privilege of working with the team at to host world-class career fairs for some of the top companies in the cyber security industry. My role is to provide resume coaching and career advice to the hundreds of job seekers who come t… more

  • Building a Better Network Is Easier Than You Think

    We’ve preached it here many times – one of the best ways to find your perfect cyber security job is to network, with the goal being to build your group of connections.  The response often heard is, “I’m just not well connected.” Nonsense! Everyone, yes, even you, is… more

  • Should You Work in Cyber Security

    Excerpts from a presentation at BSides Nova by John Stoner. Watch the video via IronGeek here.  Starting a career in cyber security is a bit less cut and dried than starting in many other professions. There is no one clear path that will take you to your perfect job. I spent … more