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  • 15 Major Companies Adopt New Recruiting Strategy

    Exciting changes are currently taking place in the recruitment space, as 15 major employers commit to build a stronger cyber security workforce pipeline. This new effort spearheaded by the Aspen Cybersecurity Group looks to address our nation’s shortage of needed cyber sec… more

  • From Rants to Raves: Changing the Conversation

    If you’ve taken a peek at Twitter or the headlines about recruiting experiences, you’re well aware of the animosity that exists between many recruiters and job seekers. You’ve seen the rants. People on both sides of the recruiting process are unhappy about something or… more

  • Hiring Against All Odds in the Cyber Security Workforce

    Recruiting successful hires can be challenging in any industry, but it’s especially taxing when there’s a shortage of candidates to consider. The pipeline for cyber security talent falls in this predicament. Employers understand cyber security is critical and the stakes … more