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  • Career Networking: Are You Ready for Hacker Summer Camp?

    With summer in full force, it’s time for the security community to take over Las Vegas, as we travel from different sides of the country to gather for Hacker Summer Camp. Join your fellow information security professionals and hackers the first two weeks of August for Blac… more

  • Competitions: A Valuable Addition to Your Career Toolkit

    Students and career professionals alike should view competitions from a career development perspective to not only get on the leader board, but to expand professional skills and career trajectory. Competitions provide an avenue to gain work experience, technical skills pract… more

  • What Do CTFs Have to Do with Getting A Job

    At DerbyCon, a panel discussion focused on competitions and how they can support your career growth. The panelists were: Kathryn Seymour, a Red Team Analyst at Bank of America. "I’ve spoken at multiple conferences, but most of my help as a volunteer involves things that ha… more