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  • Take Control of Your Career – Pandemic Edition

    Whatever your current work status – from a great job you love to unemployed, this period has many of us second-guessing our life choices. The terrible toll of the coronavirus and the uncertainty it creates has some people fearful or battling mental health issues. Some are … more

  • What Job Seekers Should Be Doing Now: Part 1

    The way we gather to share professional and personal information has changed dramatically in a matter of weeks. I used to get on a plane 2-3 times a month to present at conferences, our company would produce 1-2 career events a month, and we would meet for social gatherings on a… more

  • Think to the Future Now With a Career Bucket List

    So many people have bucket lists for some distant future. Often these are tied to retirement. While I dislike the bucket list term – the concept applies to one’s work. Why wait till you are in your 70s or 80s to start checking off things you want to do? Start now with… more

  • What You Need to Do at Every Stage of Your Career

    Whether you’re starting a first job or thinking of an encore, careers keep changing shape. Some of this is based on technological change plus the implementation of existing technologies. Add in the spread of artificial intelligence, the impact of robotics, the development … more

  • 5 Job Search Resolutions to Start the New Year Right

    The season of giving may have come to a close but there’s still one more gift to give—a commitment to your cyber security career. Reflect, refresh, and set your sights on your future job search successes. We’re not going to guilt you into making promises you can’t ke… more

  • A Certifications Conversation with the Community: Yes, No…Idk?

    Do you really need certifications to be successful in cyber security? In a post on LinkedIn, Joyous Huggins, Lead Technical Analyst at Global InfoTek, asked members of the community to share their point of view on this highly contemplated question. As you might imagine, resp… more

  • Persevere and Rise: 3 Strategies for Women in Tech

    At the Women in Tech Conference, “On The Rise,” members of the tech community in San Antonio came together to discuss the obstacles and opportunities that women encounter in the profession. Thank you to Accenture, HERdacity, and RBFCU for providing an environment to discuss s… more

  • How to Turn Down a Job Offer

    Searching for a job can be a complex and emotional process. It takes due diligence, concentrated effort and a strong spirit. When a job offers does come along you shouldn’t abandon rational thought and randomly grab it. This is the time when your research skills need to kick in… more

  • Start Your Professional Development Now

    If you want to impress potential infosec employers, it’s important to stay current in your field and continue to show you have the motivation to advance in your career. Make it a priority to stay up-to-date and work on polishing your skills. This work shows that you’re unwave… more

  • Improve Your Professional Self Confidence

    A supervisor once told me he found nothing more unnerving than a person with no self-confidence. He often shied away from hiring those people – or certainly thought twice before he did – because he wanted staff members that could confidently make decisions without a lot of ha… more