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  • Take Control of Your Career – Pandemic Edition

    Whatever your current work status – from a great job you love to unemployed, this period has many of us second-guessing our life choices. The terrible toll of the coronavirus and the uncertainty it creates has some people fearful or battling mental health issues. Some are … more

  • Volunteer in the Security Community to Benefit Your Career

    Professional development and career growth are vital to individuals working in any industry. But how can you successfully acquire new skills and continue to grow as a professional in the security realm? If you look at conferences, meetups, and various programs in the cyber s… more

  • It’s Okay to Say No: Declining a Job Offer

    To accept, or not to accept, that is the question. There’s much to consider when it comes to job offers, similar to other significant decisions we make in life. We often wade through various relationships waiting to find the right one to ultimately commit to. Or we search … more

  • A Cheat Sheet to Hacking Career Advancement

    We were thrilled to see numerous career track presentations on the agenda at BSides Austin this year. As a captivating way to kick off the event, Keith Turpin, CISO of Universal Weather and Aviation, discussed how to hack your career and take charge of your future. Here are … more