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Posted by Kathleen Smith

WiCySOne of the longtime supporters and sponsors of the Women in Cybersecurity conference is IBM Worldwide Security. Diane Delaney, IBM Worldwide Security Talent Manager, and her team will be at this year’s conference to chat and network with students.

Diane shares some of her key tips for resume writing for students:


  1. Do list your expected graduation Month and Year, your GPA and any extracurricular activities including club involvement, leadership roles, etc.
  2. Do establish an objective so that the recruiter/hiring manager can clearly identify what it is that you’re looking for.  For example: Computer Science student actively pursuing a summer internship in Cybersecurity at IBM.
  3. Do clearly list the technologies, platforms, languages, etc that you’ve had experience with.


  1. Don’t include a list of references or the verbiage “references available upon request”.  Recruiters/hiring managers know to ask for references if they need or want them.
  2. Don’t list the courses or classes that you’ve taken.  Instead, list the projects that you’ve worked on and what technologies you used to complete them.
  3. Don’t go over one page.  If you have a ton of experience only include the relevant work experience to that position you are trying to land.

ibmFrom Attorney to Cyber Security

A key highlight of the conference is senior women in cyber security providing insights into their careers. At last year’s Women in Cybersecurity, Shelley Westman, VP, IBM Strategic Initiatives, shared her journey from her love of being an attorney to new opportunities examining the business side of cyber security. Shelley emphasized that your career strategy relies upon your own personal strengths, opportunities that are presented to you, and how you take advantage of those opportunities.

Shelley’s childhood dream was to become an attorney and she loved law school, but didn’t necessarily like practicing law. She had an opportunity to join the IBM Contracts department, which started a career of looking at the business side of security from procurement to managing partnership deals.

As Shelley progressed in her career she had more opportunities to take on new roles and learn new strategic skills.  She has three key lessons from her career path that she shares with students:

  • What you think you want may not be what you in fact want. By all means try it out, but don’t be afraid to change course.
  • Don’t be afraid to learn new things and take on new responsibilities. Moving out of our comfort zone is how we learn and challenge ourselves.
  • There will be times when you feel your life is falling apart, but the only choice is to move forward.

Shelley also points out that women need men who will stand up and support them as allies in the workforce. Most of her mentors have been men. “Men tend to think differently, and thus can provide perspective,” Shelley comments.

You can watch the full presentation here. Thank you to The CyberWire for providing the videotaping, editing and summary write up of Shelley’s presentation.



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