Getting Ready for Hacker Summer Camp

Posted by Rob Riggins

The great migration will start next week for Hacker Summer Camp. Some of you may be wondering, “What is this?” Well, it is the confab of Black Hat, DEFCON, BSidesLV and many other smaller conferences within the conferences like The Diana Initiative and QueerCon.

This comprehensive camp will include everything from trainings to presentations, CTFs to Escape Rooms, lockpicking to election booth hacking — you’ll find all things information security or cybers ecurity in Las Vegas from August 1-12. You’ll also find parties, networking, games, marathons and pretty much anything you can imagine. That’s what happens when you have 80,000 smart people gathered in the desert for 10+ days.

Where will be?

We are a big supporter of BsidesLV. We support the ongoing administration of the global BSides network and also provide support to BSidesLV along with several other BSides around the country to include BSides SATX, BSides Tampa, BSides DC, BSides Augusta, BSides HSV, BSides Orlando, and BSides NoVa.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Kathleen Smith, participates as a BSidesLV staff member functioning as the Director of HireGround, the two-day career track that includes content sessions, a career fair and resume review. Be sure to check out the schedule for HireGround. There will be over 10 sessions focused on career search and recruiting. One of particular note is the Community Career Panel, or “How to Get More than a T-Shirt When Volunteering.” This session will cover how job seekers can gain more skills from volunteering in the community and how employers can enhance their recruitment by supporting community volunteering efforts.

The Diana Initiative is a program focusing on diversity inclusion in the information security industry. This forum will be a two-day conference that features technical presentations, lockpicking, and career assistance.

Kathleen Smith will be presenting not once but twice! The first session will be “Yes You Can,”  an interactive discussion with Dr. Andrea Limbago on how women can submit more proposals for presentation at information security conferences. The second session “How to Get a More than a T-Shirt,” looks at the key steps professionals need to examine for career development when community volunteering.

What should you do as a job seeker?

If you are at BSidesLV or The Diana Initiative keep an eye out for the I’m Hiring or I’m Looking wristbands. They will be in the swag bags at BSidesLV and at the registration desk for The Diana Initiative.  This is a good indicator of folks who are available for networking opportunities.

While there is a famous saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” please remember that this is a very large gathering of information security professionals. That person you just threw up on might be a hiring manager for your next job. Have fun while in Vegas, but everything in moderation.

If you are actively looking for a job, there will be plenty of opportunities to have your resume reviewed at BSdiesLV Hire Ground and The Diana Initiative, so polish up your resume and bring several hard copies with you. The feedback you get will be invaluable and this conference offers the opportunity to greatly expand your network.

Almost all of the sponsor companies are also hiring. Take time to check out their websites, their career pages and come up with a short list of companies and the questions you would like to ask them before you begin circulating at the event.

What should you do as a recruiter?

Again, check your swag bag for your orange I’m Hiring wristband and start networking. This is about getting to know the community and cultivating relationships. There are many professionals who use this time to look for a new job but be chill about recruiting.

Hacker Summer Camp is much like the camps we all remember from our youth — great experiences, great memories and the building of lifelong friendships. Enjoy in moderation, hydrate frequently and mingle to make new connections.

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