Cyber Security Career Notes: Rely on Your Strengths, The Green Goldfish, Problem Solving, Experience Points, and More

Posted by Ashley Preuss

Our Career Notes podcast roundup is brought to you each month by our friends at The CyberWire. Step inside the diverse and fascinating worlds of cyber security professionals around the globe and hear their personal stories in their own words. To listen to each podcast, click on the images below. You’ll be taken to The CyberWire site where you can play or download the podcast to hear stories about cyber security experts’ fascinating journeys to the industry.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 8.2.20

CyberWire Podcasts

Director of Security Engineering at Marqeta and Host of Hacker Valley Studio podcast, Chris Cochran, describes his transitions throughout the cyber security industry, from an intelligence job with the Marine Corps, to starting the intelligence apparatus for the House of Representatives, then on to leading Netflix’s threat intelligence capability.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 8.9.20

CyberWire Podcasts

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Selena Larson, takes us on her career journey from being a journalist to making the switch to industrial security. Specializing in cyber security journalism led to the realization of how closely aligned or similar skills are required from an investigative journalist and a cyber threat intelligence analyst.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 8.16.20

CyberWire Podcasts

Founder and CEO, Stu Sjouwerman, takes us on a journey of how his career developed from starting a software service company to currently focusing on the infosec side of the business where his team essentially helps to create human firewalls. Stu suggests you learn to speak the language of the area you are looking to get into.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 8.23.20

CyberWire Podcasts

Managing director of the Cyber Readiness Institute, Kiersten Todt, shares how she came to be in the cyber security industry helping to provide free tools and resources for small businesses through a nonprofit. Kiersten talks about the diversity of skills that benefit work in cyber security and offers her advice on going after what you want to do.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 8.30.20

CyberWire Podcasts

Host of Darknet Diaries podcast, Jack Rhysider, shares his experiences from studying computer engineering at university, to his strategy of using gamification on his career that led to him landing in the security space. Jack talks about how his wide experiences came together in security and what prompted him to learn podcasting.

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