Cyber Security Career Notes: Pursuing Your Passions, Turning Challenges into Opportunities, Communicating to Everybody, and More

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Our Career Notes podcast roundup is brought to you each month by our friends at The CyberWire. Step inside the diverse and fascinating worlds of cyber security professionals around the globe and hear their personal stories in their own words. To listen to each podcast, click on the images below. You’ll be taken to The CyberWire site where you can play or download the podcast to hear stories about cyber security experts’ fascinating journeys to the industry.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 7.5.20

CyberWire Career Notes

CEO Matt Devost describes many firsts in his career, including hacking into systems on an aircraft carrier at sea. He shares how he enjoys solving hard problems and the red teamer perspective, and how he was able to translate those into a career.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 7.12.20

CyberWire Career Notes

Cyber Security and Disinformation Researcher, Bilyana Lilly, shares her career path from studying where she was always a foreigner to an expert on the Russian perspective.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 7.19.20

CyberWire Career Notes

Computer Security Writer, podcaster and public speaker, Graham Cluley, describes learning to program on his own from magazines, creating text adventure games for donations, and his journey from programming to presenting and writing with a bit of tap dancing on the side.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 7.26.20

CyberWire Career Notes

Privacy and Data Security Lawyer, Dominique Shelton Leipzig, shares that she has always wanted to be a lawyer, ever since she was a little girl. She talks about what her role is with clients in protecting and managing their data, sometimes adhering to up to 134 different data protection laws for global companies.

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