Cyber Security Career Notes: Making a Difference, Superhero Origin Stories, Proving Your Worth, and More

Posted by Ashley Preuss

Our Career Notes podcast roundup is brought to you each month by our friends at The CyberWire. Step inside the diverse and fascinating worlds of cyber security professionals around the globe and hear their personal stories in their own words. To listen to each podcast, click on the images below. You’ll be taken to The CyberWire site where you can play or download the podcast to hear stories about cyber security experts’ fascinating journeys to the industry.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 6.7.20

CyberWire Podcasts

Cyber analyst, Tracy Maleeff, shares her unexpected journey from the library to cyber security and offers advice for those both seeking to make a change and those doing the hiring.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 6.14.20

CyberWire Podcasts

Financial firm CISO, Tom Quinn, takes us from his first experience with modern computers in the military to his current role as a Chief Information Security Officer.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 6.21.20

CyberWire Podcasts

Dean of Research, Johannes Ullrich, relays his experiences from studying the hard sciences to his career shift to cyber security.

The CyberWire Career Notes Podcast – 6.28.20

CyberWire Podcasts

Vice President of Marketing, Kathleen Booth, shares her career path from political science and international development to marketing for a cyber security company.

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