2018 WiCyS Sponsors’ Resume Tips

Posted by Pat Tovo

women in cybersecurity 2018CyberSecJobs.Com is proud to partner with the Women in Cyber Security Conference which will be held in Chicago, IL on March 23-24.

Along with a myriad of inspiring speakers, several exciting workshops will take place at this year’s conference including: Threat Intelligence: Beyond the Basic presented by Rachel.Giacobozzi and Breanna.Laconic from Target, Inc.; Practical Network Forensics presented by Marcell Lee of LookingGlass Cyber Solutions and Jenie Kam and Ellie Dawn from Cisco; Cyber Competition to Engage and Inspire presented by Oxana Pelc and Tiffany Benjamin from Facebook.

The conference features a Career Event and students participating in the conference are invited to upload their resume to so conference sponsors can review resumes prior to the conference and possibly set up interviews.

We asked some of the conference sponsors to share their resume advice on creating solid resumes.

Micro FocusMicro Focus

Resume Do’s

  • Share your educational background, including an example of a project you have worked on – this gives more context about your areas of expertise and growth trajectory. Outline your achievements, competences, and strengths.
  • Show an indication of your career aspirations and goals to make it clear what you are looking for. Don’t forget the human element! If you’re passionate about where you’re headed, just show it on your resume and results will follow.
  • Don’t worry, if you do not have a ton of work experience. Remember: Your personal brand is what differentiates you from others – we want to see it!

DHSU.S. Department of Homeland Security

Resume Do’s

  • For those with minimal work experience, elaborate on academic work – list courses taken, any special projects, research or papers completed. When submitting a resume for a government, realize that the government likes lots of detail so a 2 page or longer resume is not too much, unlike the private sector.
  • List all your certifications.
  • For current students, list the university attended, degree sought, major and expected date of graduation near the top of the resume.
  • Include a cover letter explaining how your background and skills will be of value to the organization and the specific job for which you are applying, even if the job posting doesn’t ask for a cover letter.
  • Always have someone else – a teacher, friend — proofread your resume and cover letter.

Resume Don’ts

  • Don’t use acronyms.
  • Don’t include an Objective unless you make it specific to the particular job you are applying for. The person reviewing the application knows you are looking for a job.
  • Don’t forget to double check spelling and punctuation.

Palo Alto NetworksPalo Alto Networks

Resume Do’s

  • Use a logical format and wide margins, clean type, and clear headings.
  • Include a one- or two-line job description first, then list your accomplishments.
  • For each point ask yourself, “What was the benefit of having done what I did?”
  • Work backwards to quantify your accomplishments by asking, “If I had not done X, what could have happened?”

Resume Don’ts

  • Include year of birth, a photograph, or citizen status.
  • Use a vague objective like, “Seeking an internship in Technology.” Be as specific as possible and tailor it to an open job when applying.
  • Forget to proofread everything. Have a friend or mentor give you feedback and ensure spelling and grammar is correct.

Despite the growing demand and tremendous opportunities in the job market, cyber security remains an area where there is significant shortage of skilled professionals regionally, nationally and internationally. Even worse, women’s representation in this male-dominated field of security is alarmingly low. is proud to support the Women in Cyber Security Conference, and the development of careers for women in the cyber security field.

Pat Tovo guides job seekers in conducting successful employment searches through targeted prospecting, effective resume writing, and polished interviewing skills. She enjoys facilitating workshops and working one-on-one in career counseling.

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